Friday, August 12, 2022

Ollie Twohill releases the thrilling ‘Neverland’

Recorded on the gold coast of Australia, Ollie Twohill releases his 6th single ‘Neverland’. Another pop-punk banger produced and mixed by Dylan J Smith and mastered in the USA by New York based Mike Kalajian, the trio have created a raw and heartfelt cut to scream at the top of your lungs.

Following on from his previous release ‘Silk Dress’, ‘Neverland’ finds success in the same vein of cathartic, pulsing rhythms that reside in the same corner as the likes of Neck Deep and Story So Far

Worlds away from the Mumford and Sons acoustic nature of 2021’s  ‘Boots’, this latest foray sees Twohill’s sound take a U-turn into a more percussion-heavy soundscape drenched in pop-punk intonations. Featuring an amalgamation of ‘90s infused basslines, and insistent drums, the painted narrative of marginalisation and segregation is only accentuated by Twohill’s pleading vocal performance.

“The song is for all those marginalised people out there, that don't quite fit in and get hassled in their day to day lives,” says Ollie, drawing on personal experiences and creating a visualisation through his lyricism we are transported to Ollie’s “secret hiding place/where the wild things are”.

With ‘Neverland’, Ollie Twohill has created an amazing single reminiscent of the emo/pop-punk songs of his youth, more upbeat and faster paced than his usual work, this latest cut is nothing short of an escape and retreat for those who feel that "Planet Earth is not my friend".

Image: Provided by artist

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