Thursday, December 16, 2021

Ollie Twohill releases his foot-stomping new single ‘Boots’

Recorded on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia, Ollie Twohill’s newest single ‘Boots’ tackles life’s inevitable task of taking on more responsibly as you grow older, filling the boots of becoming an adult. Sonically, this track has shades of Mumford And Sons choral range, mixed with Lewis Watson’s vocal delivery and lyrics.

Driving drums command the song, accompanied by prominent acoustic guitars which are palm-muted during the verses for effect. Twohill’s vocal performance is strong and direct, placed well within the mix to ensure the sensitive and emotive lyrics are fully heard. 

The lyrics of the chorus describe how Ollie is not afraid of his new responsibility and is embracing it head on: “Coz I've got big boots to fill / So don't you try and stop me / Chasing after what is destined / But I know you probably will”.

As the cut progresses, a wide range of instruments are introduced. Some moody and emotive horns are placed in the background, bringing depth and variety to the mix, really filling out the track, before fading into the background as the second verse is introduced. 

Lyrically mature and sonically sound, this is an impressive release by the 22-year-old Aussie, and fits well into the tracks in his ever-growing discography.

Dan Jones


Image: ‘Boots’ Official Single Cover (Press)


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