Saturday, August 13, 2022

The breathless aftermath of ‘Margaux’ by Matilda Mann

Matilda Mann’s ‘Margaux’ holds a dreamy wistfulness, the last breaths of a tender relationship whispered through her bittersweet lyrics and gentle guitar. She describes the aching tranquility of “watching someone you love drift away” in her latest summer single, adding to her steadily growing discography of distinctive songs. 

Matilda credits her inspiration to alternative artists like “Inspired by Laura Marling, The Staves, Wet Leg and the film track “Juno””,  displaying an interesting mix of poetic lyrics, "Countless hours spent outside to waste her time away/ And overbearing, endless staring into, out of space" being a apt example. 

‘Margaux’ is the softest of the four singles Mann has released so far this year. It feels the most raw, which is particularly admirable considering how deeply honest her lyricism is, matched with her comforting vocals. ‘Margaux’ seems to be the breathless, heartbreaking aftermath of its bitter predecessors. Co-written with fellow artist Jonah Summerfield, he describes how ‘Margaux’ was born “in about 30 minutes after a long day”, which is echoed in Mann’s lulling vocals, the calm after a passionate storm.

Mann’s career is growing steadily as she weaves a story song by song, leaving her listeners enthralled and eager for the next chapter. Rooting herself between artists such as dodie and Orla Gartland in the popular names of soft indie, we can expect more great tales of love and loss from Matilda Mann.

Lois Beasley 


Image: ‘Margaux’ Official Single Cover

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