Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Courting tell a true modern day love story on new pop-tastic track ‘Jumper’

The Liverpudlian quartet Courting have released their single ‘Jumper’ in anticipation of their new album, which drops 2nd of September. The group are one of the most exciting new acts to come out of the city, which is steeped in musical and cultural legacy.

Their post-punk sounds draw from the likes of classics like Pixies or Pavement, as well as modern acts such as Parquet Courts. They are part of a new wave of post-punk with a very English stamp on it, a wave including the heavy hitters such as Sports Team and English Teacher. This is a generation where brit-pop royalty Damon Albarn and Jarvis Cocker have had as much of an impact as traditional post-punk. 

The band itself has noted how new track ‘Jumper’ stands out sonically from the rest of their new album, with Murphy O’Neil labelling it an “outlier”. It’s pop-punk, rather than post-punk, infused sounds create an air of nostalgia and romanticism. This is perhaps what makes it a brilliant choice for a single. In line with the pop-punk sound, the music video reeks with early noughties nostalgia, which is all the rage at the minute, making the group particularly on brand. 

To match the fun, pop vibes of the sound, the track is laced with witty lyrical references and drenched in modern pop culture. Opening the track with “And I love her like Charli loves cars” sets the tone of the track as a modern love song, with its references to Charli XCX. Later the contemporary element of the narrative continues: “You took me to see some movie/ I said: “you don’t know what niche means”… But everyone’s on letterboxd now”. The wit here laces in references to hipster elitism surrounding film. The romantic narrative fits the nostalgic air of the music video and, paired with the lyrical references to cinema, creates the feeling that this could be a scene lifted from a noughties rom-com.

The track is one which bridges the gap between pop banger and hipster cynicism and the band should expect to grab the attention of a few with this song in anticipation of their new album release.

Annie Hackett


Image: ‘Jumper’ Official Single Cover

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