Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Matt DeAngelis unveils 'Real Future'

Based out of Turnersville, New Jersey, indie musician Matt DeAngelis has been making a name for himself with his own unique brand of intriguing rock laced with paradoxical narratives and intricate instrumentation. 

Following on from his recently released EP, 'World I'm Coming For You', his latest venture into the sonic soundscape, 'Real Future', holds a light up to distinguishing dreams from reality in this mind-bending twist on retro genres. 

Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Billie Joel and Genesis, DeAngelis' roots in exuberant rock shines through on his latest release. Highly reminiscent of '80s electro-psychedelia, the cut dives into DeAngelis' dreaming subconscious. 

'Real Future' boasts an arsenal of cleverly placed instrumentation from jazzy synths to subtle piano lines that reinforce the upbeat nature of his vocals. Wholly optimistic and futuresque, groovy basslines take the limelight and highlight DeAngelis' impressive ability to pen immersive and catchy pop-rock numbers.

Adding a deeper mystery to the track, DeAngelis comments: "While listening to this song you will feel as if you are in both, the past and the future. So then, what is the real future?"

Full of juxtapositions in a perfect blend of retro and futuristic tinged with a latent air of nostalgia, the track written by DeAngelis and produced by Bill Kennedy firmly places the artist on the map.

Lana Williams


Image: 'Real Future' official single cover

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