Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Richard Tyler Epperson will unite with listeners undergoing the joy and brutality of life on upcoming album

Singer-songwriter Richard Tyler Epperson is set to release his new album on January 1st 2023 and fans are more than eager for the release.

Consisting of seven songs, ‘A Wandering Mind’ will demonstrate the skill and commitment of the artist wonderfully.

Setting expectations high from the beginning of his career in 2013, Epperson has never failed to deliver beautifully crafted music and has shown immense talent consistently. 

The first track, titled ‘Sunrise’, encapsulates the beauty of Epperson’s unique sound impeccably. Starting out with a slow tempo, it obtains an emotional tone, consisting of the lyrics “Sun comes up, I should feel alive/ But I feel mostly, Dead inside”. These allow the implications of a bittersweet feeling in sunrises to be created, aiding in the demonstration of life’s challenges when dealing with mental health difficulties; sometimes appreciating the world around you can be painful and almost impossible.

The release then moves on to the song ‘2 AM’ which begins with a similar slow tempo and emotional melody. As it trickles past the chorus, the singer talks of the difficulties that come to mind late at night in the words “It’s 2am and I can’t forget/Life feeling like a silhouette/ it’s fading” with the slow piano part aiding in this enticing yet saddening music. The undercurrent here is strong, acting like waves pulling listeners into the heart of the song- regret and undying love. 

As the collection approaches its midpoint, listeners hear ‘We all need some love’ and ‘Take it slow’. The first begins with a more direct and quick sound, with the sound of the drums increasing the passion that Epperson demonstrates here intensely, allowing fans to see the harrowing nature of the title and the message of life’s limited nature. As it draws to an end, a slower tempo and more acoustic sound is played; the finalisation is certainly impressive.‘Take it slow’ slightly picks up on this more elegant melody, before introducing a strong guitar riff and then a sound mimicking a rewind sound to acknowledge the inability to redo the past. The lyrics “put the past behind” encourage this, alongside the inconsistent tempo and volume urging fans to acknowledge the importance of appreciating every second, taking it all in slowly. 

The fifth song ‘So stuck on you’ begins with “what should I do/ I’m so stuck on you” thus setting the tone for an agonising separation of two people. Moving through the lyrics and instrumental moments, Epperson seems to describe the love between the two subjects as incredibly strong and yet distant. The line “I feel too much for you” embodies feelings of rejection, passion, dedication, separation and heartache in just those few words. The sudden increase in instruments being used from being almost completely Acappella at so many points highlights the temperamental nature of love and passion.

Following on from this, Epperson performs ‘A Beautiful Day’ and then ‘Living within my thoughts’. The sixth track opens with a chill, indie vibe and a soft sound. The drums add depth, the guitar riffs act as a grounding force and the lyrics express happiness over solemnity. Much like rain can dampen the rays of the sun, upset can diminish life’s possibilities and the joyous feelings and experiences surrounding the world; as a result, Epperson shows listeners how other people and their support can be a driving force of happiness. The artist infers that there is so much more to life than one may first think, therefore, all are encouraged to love and be loved exactly as they wish. 

Finally, the perfectly crafted compilation ends on an extremely real note, expressing the hardships of being in a poor mental place. The lines “I can’t go on here/ living within my thoughts/ I will drown in tears/ I’m living within my thoughts” express to listeners the reality of believing lies one is told to believe through social media, common gossip or just not living up to expectations. With society as a damaging and toxic place, this final song highlights the detrimental impact it can have, with the breathtaking guitar riff acting to intensify the emotions conveyed through the melody, subsequently bringing out the tears of all listeners. 

Overall, Epperson’s music is impeccable. With a mixture of soul-wrenching realities hitting the heart of listeners to the slither of hope that can be found in togetherness, the album’s release is eagerly awaited by all. 

Abby Price 


Image: Richard Tyler Epperson ‘A Wandering Mind’ Official Album Cover

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