Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Loyle Carner takes us on a trip to new single ‘Georgetown’

London-born lyricist Loyle Carner released his new track ‘Georgetown’ ahead of his upcoming third album. His success throughout his career is a testament to his continued delivery of intimate poems that carefully trace over his experiences with nuance. ‘Georgetown’ doesn’t stray from this identifier.

His delectable flow is as consistent as always, softly tiptoeing through intricate wordplay. He candidly explores personal subject matter, as the track is interspersed with samples from the famous poet John Agard on being mixed race.

He exudes confidence throughout the track’s duration, and plays with sincere and abstract lyrics, yet delivers them with so much certainty that they become impossible to misinterpret. Reading between the lines is a necessity, due to the metaphorical lyrical content. There is continued use of wordplay highlighting two opposites and bringing them together: “The sun was my ally / The night was my gallows.” He cleverly weaves ideas and themes, culminating in a track that says a lot with a little in more ways than one.

Backed by a subdued mix of drums and funky bass riffs, it barely fluctuates throughout the song, only gathering more brass instrumentation at the crux of the first verse. The production allows the lyrics to shine but remains engaging, with its jazz-leanings. References to pianos are sprinkled within the chorus: “I'm black like the key on the piano / White like the keys on the piano.”

Loyle Carner is a softly spoken yet strong-willed master of his flow, whose continued passion and intellect shine on this considered track.


Jessica McCarrick


Image: Loyle Carner ‘Georgetown’ Official Single Cover

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