Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Maisie Peters Delivers Revenge as a Dish Best Served ‘Blonde’

Maisie Peters, a singer-songwriter from West Sussex known for relatable, upbeat anthems, has delivered yet another with her new track ‘Blonde’. Angrier than much of Peters’ previous work, it shows her ex (and the world) just how far she’s come, and how much better off she is without them.

Echoing other strong, defiant blondes such as Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love, Peters shows how she is rebuilding herself and defying expectations of who she is and what she can do (“you said I’d never change, I bet you never thought / I’d go so extreme”), and in the process proves yet again that she is one of the strongest young voices in British music today.

The song’s official lyric video shows Peters slowly destroying a brunette wig (which she is initially wearing) with scissors. There are two distinct sides to her persona in this video: the brunette and the blonde. As soon as Peters rips the brown wig off to reveal her newly dyed blonde locks, she becomes so much more expressive. The joy that comes through in her gleeful smiles as she runs her hands through it and sings the powerful line, “Is that an angel? No, it’s your ex”, is palpable and infectious.

Seeing Peters look so comfortable in her own skin after ditching both her ex and her brown hair is so incredibly satisfying, and both the video and the song itself reflect this incredibly well. Peters knows who she is, and she’s better than those who hurt her. Overall, it makes for one incredibly catchy, iconic bop.


Finn O’Callaghan-Doyle


Image: ‘Blonde’ Official Single Cover


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