Monday, August 22, 2022

A Void reveal a taste of their second album with intense new single ‘5102'

Colouring their grunge sound with dissonant and in places almost-goth suggestions, A Void have been a loud and immediately recognisable voice on the alternative scene. 

From what sneak peeks we have been getting so far, their upcoming second album, due September and titled ‘Dissociation’, has been keenly awaited by many. 

The first two singles to be drawn from the record have already showcased a more mature, more layered and textured sound, and this latest entry, ‘5102’ - the title is the year the song was first composed backwards - displays more of this darker, more complex voice. 

It is a challenging song in both sound and content, the former building onto a classic grunge backbone to graft dissonance onto it and gradually build into a crescendo. The opening notes are almost garage rock, then morphing into something that has almost a bit of a Black Sabbath vibe to it.  


The lyrics, on the other hand, are a cutting self-reflection tinged with an almost-snarling challenge aimed at societal pressure. “I’d rather trace my route alone than with someone like you”, vocalist Camille Alexander admonishes at the very beginning of the track, but the aggression of this opener is almost immediately tempered by hope: “Truth is, it’s now easier to strive for something new”. 


Something new is most certainly what A Void now have to offer. The sombre, almost oppressive mood of the track - a perfect match for the dark-Grimm-fairytale vibes of the accompanying video - takes nothing away from the freshness and inventiveness with which increasing levels of energy are infused into the track as it progresses. There is something eerie and captivating in this sound that invites repeat listens and suggests that the high expectations placed on the upcoming album may be more than well warranted.  


Chiara Strazzulla 


Image: ‘5102’  Official Single Cover 

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