Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Lightning In A Bottle – Will Soma’s Latest Track Grows With Every Listen

Will Soma is a Sydney-based artist whose penchant for a witty lyric intertwined in songs of deep and profound meaning have become apparent over his initial releases. 

The Australian’s latest offering ‘Reverse’ is a brooding number, complete with anthemic choruses and screeching guitar solos.  

Opening with a cacophony of large booming strokes of heavily muffled guitars, whilst screeching licks crack out of the deep grey sky of bombastic drums and guitar-like cracks of lightning on a stormy day - it’s a head-pounding start. “I fight for you with the lyrics of angels” he sings, in his trademark husk and strained vocal delivery style. However, he delivers the line with a confident swagger that doesn’t match the trepidation in the rest of the song as he flips from anger to despair at a love lost.  


“What if the world was to reverse / Would it feel better, would it feel worse?” he bellows, in a line that all can relate to. How on earth are we to know what we may change in times gone by, yet it’s something we do almost daily – replaying regrets in our heads. It’s a mood that Soma captures perfectly on this 3-and-a-half-minute ride of heavy Queens of the Stone Age inspired rock and roll. 


Soma is an ancient Greek word meaning body. Yet it is not actually that simple, the more in-depth meaning is actually the body separated from the mind and the soul. On this track, Will creates that feeling of a body struggling with its own mind and soul admirably. What can we, as mere mortals with all the trapping of being human, do to reverse a decision that has had a profound effect on our lives. Maybe the best thing to do is try and detach our bodies from our soul, but without that very soul, Soma may not have been able to create such a masterpiece.  


James Ogden 


Image: Provided by artist


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