Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bessie Turner releases her dreamy new EP 'arrabbiata'

This weird and wonderful EP by Bessie Turner, tastefully named 'arrabbiata', has blessed the ears of many. Its smooth translation includes a calming bass sound to allow the listener to feel as though they are swimming in honey without a care in the world, despite the serious nature of some of its lyrics.

She opens this dreamy mixtape off with a short piece, 'Sugarman', closely resembling spoken word poetry. 

She seems to be in fascination with someone, and as a listener, we are unsure of whether they are a stranger, a friend, or potentially a lover. However, in the fifth and final track of the EP 'Ta-Rah', the first line is “You really are my best friend / And I'm so glad of it.” This may wrap up the uncertainty felt throughout the EP of who it is really for. It mirrors a journal or diary entry, with Turner expressing feelings and emotions, which feel extremely personal. 

After all, love does not always have to be romantic, which is something 'arrabbiata' seems to reckon with.

Bessie Turner incorporates words into these tracks alongside conventional lyrics throughout the EP. This can signify the seriousness and authenticity she tries to convey to the listener, with a clear intention to be understood. She also includes a short exchange with, presumably, a producer or a fellow musician at the beginning of 'JUJU.' This gives the listener the illusion that they are inside the studio with her and gives the feel of true intimacy, potentially what Turner may be exploring with this “best friend” she refers to in ‘Ta-Rah.’

Softer instruments and sounds are mostly used throughout this EP. As a result, the listener feels comforted by the soothing sounds, especially alongside the intimate lyrics Turner provides us with. This EP is meant to make listeners feel something, whether it is something that was buried deep below the surface and needed to be pried out, or if it is a prominent emotion that benefitted from being validated by this collection of tracks.

'arrabbiata' feels like both a love letter and an ode to loneliness and yearning, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Feeling lonely and in love often go hand in hand, and Turner explores this in her EP, hopefully leaving the listener validated, comforted, and looking forward to her next piece of creative work.


Shaked Yanko


Image: Bessie Turner 'arrabbiata' Official EP Cover

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