Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Princess Nokia is empowering the girls on the remix for ‘DIVA’

Rising to prominence with her 2017 release ‘1992 Deluxe’, Princess Nokia has been a compelling force with her genre-agnostic approach in the world of Alternative Hip-Hop and R&B. Infused with elements of rap, soul, rock and house, there are few sounds she’s yet to incorporate into her music.

Now, with the enlistment of Argentinean superstar Emilia for a remix of her June-released track ‘Diva’, Princess Nokia is bound to turn heads with this stunning empowerment anthem built for the girlies! 

I feel like Beyoncé, I feel like Shakira / Lemonade, I’m juicy, Hips don’t lie, Selena”, raps the New York-born Puerto Rican artist with gusto-filled confidence in what is not just an ode to the iconic pop culture legends who paved the way for acts like herself, but is also an empowering celebration of femininity.  

Princess Nokia effortlessly embodies the strong and confident nature of ‘DIVA’, effectively channelling the energy from her namedropped influences, BeyoncéShakiraSelenaBritney SpearsChristina Aguilera and Aaliyah.  Minimalised drums and beats support a soft and balanced use of a trumpet that gives the track an almost cinematic sound, almost like we’ve been engulfed in a scene from ‘The Godfather’. This works to the song’s favour as ‘DIVA’ feels like it could burst into a room and instantly capture the attention of all with its colourful and vibrant sound. 

I’m a popstar, rockstar, bad bitch, go on, call me savage”, evokes the ‘I can do anything’ spirit that is doubled down on with the inclusion of Emilia who smashes her Spanish-delivered verse with the same breezy conviction as Nokia, resulting into two divas delivering an outstanding anthem. 

The music video for the original track is just as much a cultural feast! Exploring Princess Nokia’s Puerto Rican roots and shot in grainy film style only enhances its simple and elegant moments – whether Nokia is dancing in her kitchen eating fruit or swaying with the breeze in her garden as she hangs out her laundry in the sun, she represents the song’s carefree, confident and vibrant appeal while educating and celebrating the Taíno culture practised in Puerto Rico.

It’s easy to limit this track to summer playlists but honestly, “I feel like a Goddess, I feel like a Diva summons an inner ‘I’m That Girl!’ energy that will have you feeling yourself all year round. 

Bradley Irish

Image: 'Diva (feat. Emilia)' Official Single Cover

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