Saturday, August 27, 2022

‘Feather in My Hat’ is the outstanding new Welsh Avenue single

Mark DiLillo, otherwise known as Welsh Avenue, released his latest single ‘Feather in My Hat’ on 12th August 2022.

Coming from Texas, USA, the singer/songwriter/pianist takes the listener on a journey of self-reflection, using his lyrics to intricately describe how we can grasp control of reality.

With extensive classical piano training, the former biology and wannabe vet found his calling in the music industry and has gone on to release great singles such as ‘The Echo’ and ‘New Ways’, with ‘Feather in My Hat’ joining this illustrious group. Working with producer Scott Morris, the latest Welsh Avenue single is outstanding.

On ‘Feather in My Hat’, DiLillo stated “this track is about how the world is construed in front of us as infinite potential, and how we get through life is by seeing it, judging it and breathing potential into it.”

 The delicacy of lyrics pours out, especially throughout the final sequence of the song in which Mark passionately cries out the chorus, “I saw you on the long black train, think you’re in control again, baby you’re just busy.”

The second verse provides a lyric which further shows off the subtle genius of this song: “I was born to a sinner, I guess that’s what I was destined to become”. This emphasises the theme of the song, how none of us are really in control, but maybe, just maybe, we are.

A beautiful, 3:30 song which will provide a different meaning upon every listen, ‘Feather in My Hat’ is elegant and graceful. It doesn’t demand attention, but the sombre vocals blend with the piano, ingraining the sound into the mind of the listener.


Dan Smith

Image: Welsh Avenue ‘Feather in my Hat’ Official Single Cover

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