Saturday, August 27, 2022

The Vacant Lots release funky new single ‘Thank You’

Brooklyn duo The Vacant Lots have created their forthcoming album ‘Closure’ during the dark days of isolation. When it comes to techno music, inspiration is often drawn from vibrant club nights and the cultural hustle and bustle of the small hours of the morning – a source that could not be tapped during the creation of this latest LP. 

‘Thank You’ is one of the eight tracks slated for this new album. Following on from their previous release ‘Chase’, this new track features a faster tempo, with a repeated, almost drone-like, dance beat that carries this cut across the distance. Sporadic guitar chords are paired with glimmering synths as the lyrics are sung with a deadpan demeanour. 

“Thank you for wasting my time / Thank you for f*cking up my life” is one of the most prominent lines, repeated throughout. This could be a comment on the multiple lockdowns, where duos like The Vacant Lots were prevented from doing the thing they love the most due to restrictions at the time, effectively having their precious time wasted.

‘Thank You’ is a solid track that builds anticipation for their upcoming album which will be released on September 30th. The arpeggiated drum machine and bassline of this track will stay in the listener’s head for a long time after.


Dan Jones

Image: The Vacant Lots ‘Thank You’ Official Single Cover

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