Sunday, August 28, 2022

Jaws the Shark fights against the elite in hard-hitting single ‘Destroy the World’

Jaws the Shark (the solo project helmed by Londoner Olly Bailey) and long-time friend Matt Bigland of Dinosaur Pile-Up take the fight to those in charge, with their hard-hitting single ‘Destroy The World’. 

The rough punk-inspired guitar chords in the intro draw the audience in, bringing that recognisable anti-establishment mentality to the forefront of the track. 

The lyrics initiate us into a familiar world of greed and self-centered narcissism: “Destroy the world but, just do it from a private jet/ Counting your worth by how many girls are on your deck/ You’ll pledge allegiance to, nobody but yourself/ I think I need to get out”. 

Bailey lays out the ways that those with power make decisions that largely benefit themselves, in an enthralling yet depressingly real manner. The track's catchy chorus sums up the motivations of these people’s acts: “That’s how you destroy the world, but that’s how you get the girl”.

Private jets, pollution, tax evasion – Jaws The Shark attacks it all here. When villains of the past would cause destruction with wars, Jaws The Shark explains that the damage is a lot more subtle in the modern world: “Destroy the world, but just wrap it up in cotton wool/ Make it all seem like it’s not about the minerals/ Pollute the ocean, who cares about one killer whale?”

Prior Jaws The Shark work has attacked those in positions of power before, such as in ‘Andy Gray’, the track focusing on ex-footballer Andy Gray who was fired from commentating matches after he made a sexist comment made about a female linesman. ‘Destroy The World’ is big picture, and focuses the rage of Bailey onto the biggest threat to humanity – those in charge.

George Spearing


Image: ‘Destroy The World’ Official Single Cover

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