Friday, August 05, 2022

Dust Cwaine unveils the nostalgic ‘90’s Darling’

'90's Darling’ is the wholesome and dreamy single from Dust Cwaine’s (solo project of David Cutting) upcoming LP ‘Arcana’ set for release on September 23rd. A vintage 90’s rock track created out of Vancouver; ‘90’s Darling’ boasts clever lyricism and energetic pop beats that make for a wholly encompassing listen.

Throughout the duration of track Dust Cwaine takes us back through their childhood (“chasing ice-cream trucks”, “Tamagotchi graveyard”) in a truly nostalgia-evoking piece of auditory art, describing memories of theirs that can be related to by almost any true “90’s darling” - this song really does feel familiar and like a blast from the past.  

Opening with subtle guitar melodies and a soft, enchanting soundscape, Cutting’s vocals are allowed to take centre stage as their carefully penned lyrics paint a vibrant narrative writhe with reminiscence. Reflective and introspective, the lyrics “think we’re cool with our candy cigarettes / imaginary matched cos we haven’t grown up yet” offer a further illustrious dive into Cutting’s upbringing. and the creativity and fantasy of childhood minds.

Further cementing the thematic nature of the cut; in a hat tip to teen supernatural movie The Craft, Cutting craftily slips in “We are the weirdos mister”, in a true tribute to ‘90s culture.

Due out later this month, debut record ‘Arcana’ explores themes of sexuality, death, aromanticism, and sacrifice and is most definitely one to keep an eye out for. Created in conjunction with producer Josh Eastman, ‘90’s Darling’ is a welcome addition to Cutting’s colourful back catalogue.

Image: '90's Darling' Official Single Cover

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