Friday, August 05, 2022

Muse Release the Relentlessly Entertaining ‘Kill Or Be Killed’

Reverting back to their classic blend of heavy rock mixed in with expertly placed electronic sounds, Muse have come flying out the gates with their latest single ‘Kill or Be Killed’

After their last album, the '80s rock styled ‘Simulation Theory’ which dropped back before the pandemic in 2018, this latest single feels like we are getting a sneak peek back into the classic Muse sound, filled with fast-paced guitar, encompassing synths, and an ever-pounding drum kit.

The vocals of lead singer Matt Bellamy are reminiscent of earlier hits such as ‘Uprising’. The long held notes emphasise the sombre and rather macabre lyrics: “Our love and compassion dissolves / Demons have materialised in me / Can’t fight them, they’re taking control”.

The bridge explodes into short, heavy guitar strokes, with the bass of Chris Wolstenholme combining beautifully with the drums of Dominic Howard to create a real hard rock sonic assault on the listener’s ears, a sound their fans have surely been waiting for since their last album. 

A track that would fit right into the famous beginning credits sequence at the start of the film ‘Zombieland’, this cut has a rather feral feel to it. It feels like the sonic imagining of the end of the world, forcing the population down to two simple commands: kill, or be killed. ‘Kill or Be Killed’ is the title track for their new album of the same name, which is slated for release on the 26th of August.


Dan Jones


Image: ‘Kill or Be Killed’ Official Single Cover

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