Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Claire Rosinkranz Returns To Release Her Tantalising New Single ‘123’

American solo artist Claire Rosinkranz is firmly establishing herself on the domestic and international music scenes with the release of her latest single ‘123’. Rosinkranz is known for writing all her own music before heading to the studio to record and master the tracks with her dad. This new song is the latest in a string of singles to be making inroads in the UK and beyond.   

The electro-pop tune begins intimately as if Rosinkranz is in the middle of a lucid dream: “I’m sorry, I know you were hopin’ / To break something already broken’’. This sets the tone for what is ultimately a sassy and carefree song from start to finish. The R&B-influenced melody adds flavour to the music and is present throughout except for brief interludes in-between sections. 

The song details leaving certain issues in the past where they belong, as Rosinkranz reminds the audience that life must always continue to move forwards. The refrain “Leave the past in the past / It’s the past, bitch’’ is repeated throughout and is heard once more when the track reaches its climax before it is suddenly cut off. 

The song has already been well-received in North America and Europe, however, it has also amassed a strong following in countries such as Indonesia and its neighbouring states. Rosinkranz has a tour across North America on the horizon which is due to commence in the autumn. She will be heading to cities including Toronto, San Diego, and Orlando so be sure to look online and save the dates for anybody who may be in the area.  


Antony Bailey 


Image: 123' OfficialSingle Cover


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