Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Solis Releases Devil-May-Care Music Video for 'Jungle'

Shortly after releasing her EP 'Open', Manchester songstress Solis emerged with a music video for 'Jungle'. Her soothing, summery voice is smeared over a daydream of a guitar melody. It's a song about escaping from the mundane realities of urban life. A pensive subject matter meets a casual rhythm and serene visuals to culminate in a delight of a music video. 

Visually speaking, it's a relaxing sight to behold. Solis and an all-female cast are on an excursion in the charming countryside. We see flowers blooming, lush greenery, and a babbling brook. They've brought along a deck of cards, a guitar, and a picnic blanket, except they're not eating; just enjoying nature. 

In a tone as airy as the dresses they have on, Solis opens with "you never believed I'd see the world differently". She goes on to affirm "it's not in my head / I see the world differently". You can't argue with her, when you see the hippy-like awe and glee they all possess as they frolic through the countryside. Still, the effects of socialisation leave her debating, "no, no, I must be out of my mind".

Nature is alive and in communion with the musician. She announces "I'm surrounded by green / these things they talk to me". She truly feels connected to her surroundings. She feels at home in the countryside, they even seem to have brought a bedside lamp with them.  

It's all summed up in the line "we're in the jungle, tied up". She's tired of the concrete jungle, it brings pressure and limits into her life. She finds pleasure in the liberty and openness of the outdoors, declaring "there's nothing at all / no walls, no container". She wants everyone to feel the freedom, with the instruction "take your lover and run to where the rain falls". 

It's a damning theme presented here, despite the mellow tune of the song. Urban life is portrayed not as being good and necessary, but confining and stiff. Fortunately for her, she's taken the decision to break free from this jungle that's left her "tied up”. What a release it is, because in seeing the world differently, she's effectively freed her mind, body, and soul. 

Gavin Mndawe

@Gavin Zilani Mndawe

Image: 'Open'  Official EP Cover

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