Wednesday, August 10, 2022

THE HUNNA Release Scathing New Single, ‘Trash’, From Their Upcoming Album

In the midst of appearing at a number of festivals across Europe, The Hunna have dropped the lead single, ‘Trash’, from their next self-titled album which is set to be released on October 28 later this year. 

Known for their aggressive yet memorable sound, the indie-rock band deliver a satirical, rather brutal depiction of the music industry, boasting succinct and powerful lyrics and explosive punk influences.

With lyrics such as “Just don’t be yourself cause that is whack” and “All they want is f****** money”, the new release highlights the negative, toxic side to the industry, focusing on the selfish and shallow desires of those who manage it. These lyrics culminate in a symbolic submission to this corruption, with the band singing “All I care about is money” to reflect how artists are encouraged away from their true passion - music - and towards the creation of a ‘brand’, frequently being consumed by the money-making mindsets impressed upon them.

'Trash’ combines anger towards the general industry shallowness with a humorous directness that does not shy away from, frequently, being quite tongue-in-cheek. While the band doesn’t criticise anyone specifically, fans are made very much aware that this type of behaviour and attitude towards music artists is neither uncommon nor unexperienced by the boys themselves. 

The track marks the beginning of a new era for The Hunna as they prepare for the release of their self-titled album later this year, and if ‘Trash’ is anything to go by, it’s sure to be a volatile one.

Isobel Reeves




Image: ‘Trash’ Official Single Cover

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