Friday, July 01, 2022

zuchley unveils ambient cut ‘Point Guard MVP NBA’

Hailing from Dublin, Mac-DeMarco-reminiscent musician zuchley has garnered nearly 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, despite only having a handful of singles in his repertoire. 

Boasting impressive musicianship and a knack for multi-instrumentalism, the solo artist is entirely self-taught and stands as the pinnacle for the future of DIY indie artists.

zuchley’s latest sonic feat ‘Point Guard MVP NBA’ follows on from his previous well-received offering ‘Nothin On My Mind’ and features face-value lyricism and ethereal melodies.

Written in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, the idyllic setting bleeds into the track and is overtly an homage to the beauty of nature. Teetering on the precipice between bedroom-pop and ambient-shoegaze, zuchley perfectly marries an amalgamation of genres to produce an entirely unique track that allows him to stand out on the music scene. Featuring a nod to Toro Y Moi – who zuchley notes as his “first love” - the cut enchants and hypnotises through delicate vocal intonations.

“There is one lyric about lying on your CV. Everyone does it. It’s just I remember mine looking pretty ridiculous when I was trying to get my first job.”

Dabbling in melancholic soundscapes and ethereal rock sounds, ‘Point Guard MVP NBA’ offers a promising career for the Irish musician and teases what to expect from his upcoming debut record.

And just to avoid any lyrical misleadings, zuchley notes, “I was never actually in the NBA.”


Lana Williams


Image: ‘Point Guard MVP NBA’ Official Single Cover

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