Friday, July 01, 2022

TRALALA’s Two Track Release is Truly Terrific

Winded’, wondering ‘What’s The Point?’ Why worry about the trivial matters of life when the beauty of music exists, taking shape here in the form of a giant sparkling wave of the future named Tralala.

For fans of Pixies, Radiohead and Neil Young.

Made up of Chris Trewin and Drew Price, the English/American indie rock duo are in the early days of their musical journeys. Following on from their singles ‘Out Of Line’ and ‘Like You’, ‘Winded’ and‘What’s The Point?’ further their journey in the atmospheric post-punk world. 

Is that a little bit overdramatised? Possibly. There are obviously a lot of elements of the past within ‘Winded’ and ‘What’s The Point?’ The two tracks sound very old school. They have that edginess, the graininess of the drums, the ringing of the guitar. Blend that in with Jim Morrison-style vocals and you’ve got a hit, well two in this case. 

The warped sounds and unique tones truly setting it apart from other works, both tracks encompassing a philosophy of intuitive lyrics and beautiful instrumentals. The fluidity and synchronicity of instruments really do blend beautifully, both relaxing and engaging the mind at the same time.

Due to the unique nature of these tracks, not lending itself to the ever-popular indie landfill, mean that Tralala really are an uncut gem.

Dan Smith


Image: Winded'/What’s The Point?’ Official Double Single Cover


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