Friday, July 01, 2022

‘Boy Image’ details Henry Ryeder’s exquisite bedroom-pop abilities

Brooklyn-based solo artist Henry Ryeder (aka sound design and composerHenry Yuliano) has a self-confessed “chaotically eclectic music taste” that has found its way veined throughout his bouncy electro-infused cuts. From being in awe of Men I Trust’s incorporations of house styles to Jennifer Vanilla’s breezy synth-laden cuts, Henry Ryeder has carved his own space in the alternative music world for his unique dabblings into bedroom-pop soundscapes.

Produced by Ryeder in collaboration with Trevor Vaz, his debut EP, ‘Boy Image’ is a six-track journey through shoegaze soundscapes, tinged with melodic rock elements. Vaz also lends guitar and keys on a handful of the tracks, while drummers Chris Corscio and Madden Klass provide insatiable percussive lines. Julian Cubillos is the master behind the bass lines in the closing track, ‘2022’.

With ‘Boy Image’, Ryeder weaves his way through a kaleidoscope of emotions portrayed through the use of poetic lyricism and the implementation of soft vocals, backed by lush instrumentation. Divulging his thoughts on the EP, Ryeder notes: “If New Order were a modern-day indie band from Brooklyn, they'd probably sound a lot like ‘Boy Image’. This collection of songs is both meticulous and vulnerable bedroom pop, the bedroom being about as huge as one could hope to find in New York. ‘Boy Image’ encompasses my broad-ranging interests and vision.”

Finding its inception during lockdown, the nostalgia invoked through Lizzy Goodman’s book ‘Meet Me in The Bathroom’  its narrative delving into the 2000’s indie music scene inspired Ryeder to bring out his creative side and pour his heart into ‘Boy Rider’.

The opening track ‘Childhood Shuffle’ is laden with his staple electronic beats that take its roots in Daft Punk’s Digital Love’ and smoothly transitions into the delicate tones of ‘Remember Love’. With the sophomore cut, Ryeder dabbles in themes of romanticism and the breaking down of a relationship – “takes your love away / communication frays”. He strikes the balance between producing a clean number whilst maintaining that gritty edge.

The New Order infused beats of the title track come accompanied by thrusting acoustic guitar lines and soft percussion, topped by Ryeder’s crooning vocals. Bouncy and utterly infectious, the stand-out ‘Love Ain’t No Open Door’ offers a stark contrast to the darker introspective nature of ‘Hey Suicide’, complete with soaring melodies.

The EP amalgamates in the effervescent nature of closing track ‘2022’ that reaches its apex in an explosion of layered vocals, superimposed lyrics and colourful instrumentation, just before the three-minute mark.

‘Boy Image’ is the culmination of years of Henry Ryeder perfecting his craft and this shows through carefully composed cuts and intricately penned narratives.


Lana Williams 


Image: Provided by artist

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