Monday, July 11, 2022

“Your new album. Your new era. Your old friends”, The 1975 are back with ‘Part Of The Band’

The band are back together for the first time since 2020 and there isn’t a strong enough word to describe the feeling of getting a brand-new track from English pop-rock group The 1975. 

‘Part of The Band’ kicks off the latest era of the band, paving the way for their upcoming record ‘Being Funny in A Foreign Language’ – due October 2022.

A clear contrast to The 1975's previous albums, this new track references real-world issues under the disguise of a funky alt-pop sound. The black and white folksy overcast is refreshing, and they still hold onto their talent for tongue-in-cheek lyrics: “I like my men like I like my coffee / Full of soy milk and so sweet it won’t offend anybody”. This part of the single in particular demonstrates a clever rhyme surrounded by a new instrumental approach, verging on acoustic with the sole background sound switching between a violin and an acoustic guitar. Ageing like fine wine, Matt Healy’s vocals pair perfectly with the mature atmosphere of the track, tying the song together nicely.


The song’s music video was filmed in Kent and is a black-and-white styled home video, grasping a wholesome feel with candid snippets of dogs on the beach and a live performance of the band themselves. It’s the perfect way to bring old fans to the front row of this latest version of The 1975. As their return to social media at the start of June stated: “Your new album. Your new era. Your old friends”.


Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘Part Of The Band’ Official Single Cover


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