Monday, July 11, 2022

Naomi Pacifique’s Latest Track Takes An Ambient Approach Towards Intimacy

Naomi Pacifique is a Swiss-Dutch artist who recently studied Creative Writing and Film Production at Oxford University and London Film School, respectively. Since graduating, she has combined her talents to embark on a journey as a solo artist and has since returned to songwriting and production to create her own original music once again. Her latest single ‘Was It The Dregs of Night’ is out now and available to stream from multiple platforms including Spotify.  

‘Was It The Dregs of Night’combines her passions for literature and music as it pushes the boundaries of Ambient music whilst still managing to follow a western music structure. There is an abundance of sensuality in her vocals as her tessitura drifts effortlessly in her vocal intonation in between sections of the song. 

The song starts with soothing vocals combined with an ambient guitar melody and the audience are gently whisked away on a hallucinatory voyage spanning more than five minutes. The drums tend to shift from one rhythm to another as there is also a relatively small part that includes a military-style snare cadence.  

The lyrics, which appear to almost be inaudible at times, are sensual, and stimulating, and must be listened to in a quiet setting to truly appreciate the effort which has gone into writing and producing this composition. Her ability to make the music seem effortless is a testament to Pacifique’s abilities as a songwriter, poet, and producer – The song has already been well received around the UK as well as in cities such as Amsterdam where she currently resides. 

As previously mentioned, the music is very much an ambient piece, but it retains the capacity to transcend multiple musical boundaries by delving deep to explore other harmonies, structures, and dynamics to name a few. This track is well worth adding to the summer playlist to add more diversity to the musical pallet.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Was It The Dregs of The Night' Official Single Cover

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