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GLASTONBURY 2023 - What Can We Expect?

Arctic Monkeys (rumoured)The 1975 and Kasabian all have new music coming out. Is this 2013 again? 10 years on from ‘AM’‘The 1975’ and ‘48:13’, the indie music scene looks set for one of its biggest years in a decade. With Kasabian's ‘The Alchemist’s Euphoria’, The 1975’s ‘Being Funny in a Foreign Language’ already being announced and an Arctic Monkeys album seemingly moments away, could they be the three bands to headline the UK’s top summer festival? 

Rumours are already beginning to swirl following the success of this year’s Glastonbury and people are desperate to see their favourite acts on the Pyramid Stage? But who can we expect to see this time next year? 


Arctic Monkeys 


The three aforementioned bands are extremely likely to be making an appearance. It has been 10 years since Arctic Monkeys last headlined the show and fans will be desperate to see Alex Turner and Co back doing what they do best. With the Sheffield natives back on the circuit this year, headlining Reading & Leeds Festival in late August, they seem destined to be heading back to Worthy Farm next summer. 


The 1975 


The 1975 have just announced their new album will be coming out this year and haven’t played Glastonbury since back in 2014 after the release of their debut album. They had hopes of playing this year, with manager Jamie Oborne being quoted on Instagram saying “fingers crossed” in relation to the band performing there. So, the intentions are clear and new music is on the way, The 1975 at Glastonbury 2023 seems inevitable. 





One of the most electrifying bands in the music scene right now, Kasabian have had their fair share of media attention over the past year and not for the best of reasons. With frontman Tom Meighan being dismissed from the band for the domestic assault of his partner, Serge Pizzorno has taken on the role as lead man and given the reaction to their latest live gigs, they seem to have more support now than ever before. Producing euphoric scenes in the recent support slot with Liam Gallagher, the lads from Leicester could be about to turn it up a notch and head back to Glastonbury for the first time since 2014. 


Fleetwood Mac 


Glastonbury festival likes to throw up a few surprises along the way, one of which may be destined to take to the stage in 2022. This is, of course, Fleetwood Mac. Years of discussions, monetary disputes, and the fact many bands make a loss when performing at Worthy Farm have so far halted the ‘Dreams’ rockers from performing. But with time going on and the band members only getting older, time may be short. In a 2019 interviewMick Fleetwood stated “I think the legend of Glastonbury and Fleetwood Mac will come true. I think I’ll burn in hell if we don’t do it one day”. Will 2022 be the year?  


One Direction 


One band which have had their odds slashed by Ladbrokes in the past week is One Direction. The four/five-piece, depending on which era we look at, have been on a hiatus since 2015, with the individual members going on to have differing levels of success. Harry Styles currently sits atop the pop music scene as the leading male vocalist, outperforming the likes of Ed Sheeran and could be considered worthy of headlining himself. On the other scale of the spectrum, we have Liam Payne who is more recognised for his meme-able quotes from his recent appearance on Logan Paul’s Podcast Impaulsive. Rumours of a reunion have been rife ever since their hiatus began, and Glastonbury 2023 could be the perfect place to pick back up. 


Other Rumours 


Back in 2011, Beyoncé took to the Pyramid Stage and delivered an iconic set, and with her new album coming out this year she is being rallied around as a favourite along with Taylor Swift to perform at next year’s event. Glastonbury has been lambasted for its lack of female headliners in the past, so having Fleetwood Mac, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé all top the bill in the same year could put such sentiments to sleep. Other acts being rumoured to perform at 2023’s showpiece are The Spice Girls, Bruce Springsteen and Guns n’ Roses. 


With the amount of new music being released in 2022, Glastonbury 2023 is going to be an epic event, and if even just one of the acts listed above are headlining, it will be well worth the price.  

Dan Smith


Image: Laura Dean

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