Friday, July 01, 2022

Full Of Rage: Leibniz Releases New Track: Pinocchio

Leibniz may not have been together for very long, and their discography may be limited (for the time being). Still, their latest single, ‘Pinocchio,’ is THE track that will grab the attention of many and have them coming back for more.

'Pinocchio’ is quintessentially alternative rock but shows hints of the ‘90s grunge era with an added post-punk flair. The track opens with an ambient, low-tuned guitar strumming that draws in the listeners with a false sense of calmness. Then the added drum beat almost sounds like it is playing in harmony with the guitar, which will almost certainly get the head bobbing along and hook the listener. 

This sense of calmness is gone when the rest of the instrumental kicks in, instantly becoming more lively. The beauty of this track is how Leibniz cleverly plays around with the loud-quiet dynamic typical of ‘90s alt-rock. They toy with crescendos and decrescendos and run with it – creating a whirlwind of emotions.

The overall sound is, by definition, angsty. Once the vocals kick, the lyrics confirm the track is about gender-affirming rage and catharsis. Sick of social norms and being angry at the world. The breakdowns and progression are so addictive to listen to it will undoubtedly be a treat at live shows. 

Leibniz has ideally put their stamp on alternative rock, effortlessly showcasing their talents and giving an epic insight into what is to come in the future. Expect big things from this band; they’re definitely the ones to watch out for. 

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Pinocchio’ Official Single Cover

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