Thursday, July 21, 2022

Sketchface epitomizes heartbreak with ‘Stay Dead’, featuring Celeste Madden

Chichester-raised producer and songwriter, Sketchface, has released their newest single ‘Stay Dead’, featuring Celeste Madden, following the release of their album ‘SOULBLOOM: An Extended Play’ earlier this year. 

The track tells the story of one lover wanting to help the other but never quite truly being enough. It perfectly encapsulates the idea of being saved or wanting to be the saviour. The story is told through the melting of Sketchface and Madden’s soft vocals that run smoothly together like honey.

The track is soft and slow, sounding similar to the likes of Lord Huron and Death Cab for Cutie


What makes this track so exceptional is the vocals. Sketchface perfectly portrays the pain felt during heartbreak through their soft yet emotive sound. Madden compliments Sketchface’s vocals so well that it feels as though they both tell their own side of the narrative in their verses but also dissolve together in parts when they sing simultaneously. 


The storytelling within the song is done so efficiently through the lyrics as it begins at the stage of feeling resentful towards a lover which can be seen in the line “cos I don’t forgive you now”. This then transitions slowly to find the lover back at square one with the lyrics “pull out my hair for you all the time / all of the time”, indicating that sense of unconditional love that ceases to fade even after the breakup. 


Sketchface describes themself as ‘making music that feels like a wave washing over u!’ and that’s exactly what this track does. It is an all-enveloping track that brings both soft instrumentals and vocals together to tell a story that many know too well. Sketchface has certainly made their mark on the music scene and we can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeve. 


Aneesha Kalia 


Image: Elizabeth McCormick (@elimcc0rmick)

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