Thursday, July 21, 2022

Bloodhound Delve into the Alienation of Social Media with New Single ‘ILLUMINATIONS’

Having built a reputation as purveyors of rock-noise with their fingers collectively on the pulse of society, Hull quartet Bloodhound are back after a two-year hiatus and are certainly making their presence felt. 

Their latest single, ‘ILLUMINATIONS’, has all the hallmarks of Bloodhound’s recognisable sound, from grungy guitars to the syncopated rhythm of drumming that evolves the track into a relentless cavalcade. That said, the band is pushing their sound to its extreme on this track, as they create an intense, breathless, and almost claustrophobic mood. 

The sped-up tempo in the central section of the track also contributes to this feeling, as does the urgency of the vocals, which devolve into screaming at times and never lose a fierce undertone throughout.

The track is short and punchy. It is a classic grunge banger with more than a little hardcore punk woven in – reminiscent of Drenge in its hammering use of repeated sections and of False Heads in the way its guitar sounds are infused with noise. It is a song made for a live performance, which subsequently demands a mosh pit to match the emotional release it commands.


Drawing inspiration from the obsessive attention to social media which has become rampant in contemporary society, the lyrics reflect a transition from frustration to anger due to the band confronting the loss of meaningful conversation, driven by a toxic need for anonymous approval. The roaring delivery of the words and the haunting, ceaseless beat of the music blend together to convey both the oppression and the rebellion that Bloodhound feels.


It is certainly a return that will not go unnoticed – and with live shows already announced, there is good reason to be excited for more.


Chiara Strazzulla


Image: ‘ILLUMINATIONS’ Official Single Cover


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