Thursday, July 21, 2022

Interpol unveil hypnotic new track ‘Gran Hotel’

Since their formation in 1997, post-punk revivers Interpol have amassed a courageous body of work, proving their success as a respectable band blooming into the 2000s and onward. While their success at the turn of the 21st century undoubtedly put pressure on the New Yorkers, their discography has yet failed to disappoint – and their new track ‘Gran Hotel’ is no exception.

From their new album ‘The Other Side of Make-Believe’, ‘Gran Hotel’ tells a wonderful story of heartbreak and grief in a person – heightened by lead singer Paul Banks’ representation of this character in the accompanying music video.


The music video doesn’t just help visualise the song’s story, but also plays up to its hypnotic nature through its dreamlike portrayal. This is done best with the colourful images alongside the lulling intro, where the trance-like ambience is occasionally broken up by distant, fading howls from a guitar.


This ambience is broken up after some time, with Banks’ introductory vocals acting as a cue for the rest of the band to show off their fantastic instrumentation. Though, this doesn’t take away from Banks at all, whose thin yet piercing voice perfectly encapsulates the track’s message of grief, sounding like he could break into a wail any second.


The heartbreaking story is punctuated by the later refrain of “I see you in everything”, a simple, yet utterly relatable lyric that works so well in conjunction with the moans and cries of the lead guitar all backed by the drums that pound so harshly into your ears. 


It truly is a magnificent display of pure emotion; where Banks’ vocals strike at your heart, the guitar wrenches it, and the drums are its will to keep pumping. Even 20 years after Interpol’s first release, they still have no trouble invoking such strong feelings from their audience. In this grand display of passion, it's difficult not to be captivated by Interpol's charm.


Dillon Walsh


Image: ‘Gran Hotel’ Official Single Cover

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