Saturday, July 30, 2022

‘MGB’ - A bright cherry red new track from The Sandspits

After the crazy success of their debut album, ‘Save Trestles’The Sandspits are back with another feel-good Cali tune, ‘MGB’

A band that exudes summer, this newest track is flawless and since gaining two new members, the talent has risen to the next level. 

A brand new confidence is undoubtedly shining through with this new release from the band, with a real Beach Boys happy-go-lucky vibe, strung along with a catchy drum beat, a funky wave of crisp guitar solos and a mix of effortless vocals and choppy lyrics, making you want to do nothing but move along to the rhythm. 

A song no less than what we needed from The Sandspits, a mix of satisfying characterisation and wholesome lust tied together with a bow of electricity and power depicting a story reminiscing on pure joy and fantasy. “I don’t wanna miss you, I just wanna see you / In the passenger seat next to me / Baby do you wanna go?” It’s another feel good track, a tune to get stuck in your head with zero reluctancy. 

Through the power of their lyrics, the rose tinted glasses of love have liberated the feeling of a brand new spark.

With every listen, the excitement of this song builds up creating a chain reaction of pure musical bliss. Quickly becoming the catchiest track on my summer must-haves, the anticipation is always high for what The Sandspits will deliver next - could we see another album? 

Anna Scrimgeour


Image: ‘MGB’ Official Single Cover

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