Sunday, July 31, 2022

Beach Bunny release an album bathing listeners in an array of perspectives regarding emotions and humanity

American rock band Beach Bunny quickly rose to fame largely through their song ‘Prom Queen’ going viral on TikTok. Ever since then, the group has remained internationally known for their unique lyricism based largely on more realistic views of society as opposed to what is perceived on social media.

The four members are inarguably highest talented and provide an incredibly safe space for their listeners through music, a medium which holds great power, especially in todays society. They have recently released their new, 12-track album ‘Emotional Creature’ and it has listeners craving for more.

The first song of the album ‘Entropy’ encompasses their unique sound. Direct, assured lyrics are accompanied by a religious guitar soundtrack grounding the song and allowing a sense of deep emotionalism to sweep over listeners. The lyrics “Splittin’ your heart and your head makes you feel uncertain” reflects the band’s aim to view emotional and personal experiences in a more vast sense, giving the perspective of not just following the crowd but really listening to what one wants as a person. The next song is a little more chaotic, purposefully. The verses, as the band explains, are meant to seem more stressful and, with lyrics such as “Help me out of this place”, this certainly is the case. The chorus then becomes more relaxed with the words “suddenly everything is easy” alongside a more calming and assuring guitar riff to do so. 

The song ‘Eventually’ is very poignant and powerful. It’s reflecting upon panic attacks and the huge struggles they bring to many people; however, the sad undertone of it is transformed by the idea that being loved and cared for can have such a great, positive effect on sufferers. The lyrics “But you’re always there in my mind, in my hair when I lose it” allow for this sense of reassurance to be felt. This truly is a masterpiece on many levels. 

The next two songs are a little more uplifting in their lyrics and their music. ‘Fire Escape’ recounts a trip and a plan, fantasising about the limitless possibilities of experiences. The guitar plays an uplifting part with the drums, providing notes which can be danced and jumped around too as opposed to the more sad, reflective music often heard. ‘Weeds’ is more empowering, looking at oneself through the eyes of another it seems, and subsequently enabling oneself to feel happier and more confident. The drums act as a wave of intensity and passion over the lyrics, especially as “I could just learn to love myself” are sung so beautifully. This song is surely one to uplift, please and empower all listeners. 

As the album reaches a close, an ambient, atmospheric song in ‘Infinity Room’ is played. Reportedly inspired by the bird sounds in a track by British artist Tom Rosenthal, this song is almost like a breathing point in this album. It is beautifully put together in order to almost soothe listeners, with the lyrics “you’re like a mirror looking into my soul” acting as a heart-wrenching lyric, followed by “The sun is only half as bright as your light” bringing a tear to everyone's eye. As a song just over a minute in length, the gentle plucking of the guitar and slow tempo really give the song its unique sound. 

The final song, ‘Love Song’ begins intensely, the guitar coming in strong earlier on than many other songs. This allows the song to be more powerful, with the message of all the struggles in a relationship eventually being worth it becoming stronger with every strum and lyric. The song ties together the various emotions, mindsets and perspectives that the album encompasses- its key change and tempo change implying the importance of having love in a fast, ever-changing world. The lyrics “You love like a poet/ Harmonising with my energy” demonstrate the happier side to love. 

Ending on a beautifully positive note, this album really is divine.

Abby Price 


Image: Beach Bunny ‘Emotional Creature’ Official Album Cover

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