Saturday, July 30, 2022

SOUR PUNCH Return With Their Festival Season Anthem, ‘Pink Lemonade’

Exuding positivity and dynamism, Manchester alt-rock band Sour Punch certainly manage to pack a punch with their latest single, ‘Pink Lemonade’, treating fans to an upbeat soundtrack that is perfect for a fun-filled summer.

The clear punk influences in the edgy vocals and in-your-face instrumentals give the song a pace and direction that is incredibly catchy, although what captures a listener’s attention the most is the track’s intrinsic energy and positivity. The track drops listeners straight into an intro led by striking guitar riffs and harsh drums, building up a sense of anticipation that the band are skilfully able to retain throughout the song.

Despite the chaotic energy of the track, however, Sour Punch still demonstrate impressive musical talent by contrasting moments of lyrical and instrumental clarity. The verses tone down the punchy drums to allow for the resonant lyrics to shine through. In contrast, the chorus manages to amp up the energy even further, with lyrics that are simple but a sound that is anthemic, and instantly becomes an earworm.

Following their debut in 2017, Sour Punch have become best-known for their catchy tracks, and ‘Pink Lemonade’ definitely does not fall short of this expectation. With their most recent live performance being Manchester back in April this year, it seems the band are about ready to hit the road again, and this release is set to be a firm favourite.

And, as the chorus says, “I really like this!”… which music-lovers around the world are sure to be agreeing with.

Isobel Reeves


Image: ‘Pink Lemonade’ Official Single Cover

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