Friday, July 08, 2022

Marble return with the haunting ‘bleed me out’

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, United States, Marble were founded by Chantel Bailey and Mathew Blount around six years ago.  After playing live and messing around with some sonics, the Wade Brothers and TJ Grant were recruited – a welcome addition to their live shows. 

Despite their formation years prior, Marble’s first official single was released in 2020, entitled ‘I Become a Ghost.’ This track would set the tone for the band and provide the first real insight into what has now become their signature sound. ‘bleed me out’ is similar to some of their previous work as spacey, saturated guitars guide this newest single, sending the hauntingly beautiful vocal straight into the spotlight. 


The content of the lyrics goes hand in hand with the somber melody. Beginning with the opening line “Ashes / To Ashes / To Dust”, this single describes in detail the stages of dealing with the failure of a long relationship. Marble takes their listeners through the stages of grief, resentment, love, and finally, acceptance. These emotions are brought painstakingly to life through delicate instrumentation and a melancholy vocal performance.


A steady drumbeat helps to guide this ghostly track from veering off its natural course, with the symbol used almost as a marching beat for the lead vocalist. The guitars are drenched in dreamy distortion, making the track sound larger than life when wearing headphones. ‘bleed me out’ certainly evokes an early Daughter or Florence + The Machine cut, both sonically and lyrically.


At just over three minutes in length, ‘bleed me out’ makes for a satisfying third single from Marble’s forthcoming LP ‘The Shadow In Me’, which is slated to be released on 15th July 2022. 


Dan Jones


Image: Marble ‘Bleed Me Out’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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