Friday, July 08, 2022

Summer Of Love: Foreign Television releases new single ‘Unglued’

Some songs are unapologetically associated with the summer. Granted, not all summer anthems have to be loud and blasted during every car journey to the beach. Some summer tracks are light-hearted and help us relax during the long warm evenings, and Foreign Television’s latest single, ‘Unglued’, falls straight into that category.

This is the first single and opening track from Foreign Television’s third album, due to be released this September. ‘Unglued’ sets the tone for this upcoming album, giving a sense of calmness and uniqueness. This is portrayed through a mixture of soft guitars, light drumbeats, and laid-back vocals that merge into a peculiar soundscape. 


Foreign Television – a ten-year-and-counting project from the mind of Welshman Francis Allen – uses sound effects and other background noises to his advantage to establish a powerful atmosphere as he paints a vivid image within the listener’s mind. This elevates the track, drawing the listener in and creating an interesting song overall. 


The track follows a romantic narrative through Allen’s lyrics, exploring themes of hope, love, and relief – his vocal talent also intensifies these feelings. A staggering level of performance comes through as his vocals are full of raw emotion. Allen is not just singing the song, he’s living it, and it makes the track as powerful as it is moving to hear.


Foreign Television has cleverly penned a love song that is tranquillizing and intoxicating to listen to. The lyrical content and clever use of soundscapes have allowed Allen to create an atmospheric track that gives off a relaxing yet thought-provoking vibe that will be perfect for playing on repeat during long, gloomy summer evenings. 


Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Unglued’ Official Single Cover

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