Friday, July 08, 2022

Calebo unveil the impressive ‘I'm Only A Guest In The House Of The Lord’

Hailing from London, the rock quartet Calebo met by chance on the London open-mic circuit in 2017 and have since been creating unforgettable rock numbers inspired by the likes of Pearl Jam, Sufjan Stevens and Nirvana. Self-described as “hyphen-loving alt-folk singer-songwriters”, Calebo have been a stellar addition to the indie rock scene with their frenetic live performances and mesmerising numbers.

Calebo are: Dan Caleb (Vocals/ Guitar), Georgia Maria (Lead Guitar), Rob Ouseley (Bass) and Roy Lubugumu (Drums).

The band have previously collaborated with engineers Pete Maher (Linkin ParkPixies), Andy Baldwin (BlurFaith No More) and Mike Hillier (Django Django).

Their latest offering ‘I'm Only A Guest In The House Of The Lord’ acts as the outfit’s newest release since their ambient ‘One Last Song’ from 2019. Reaching its climax just after the one-minute mark, the slow-burning track boasts an impressive display of intricate guitar lines superimposed with melodic vocalisations that offer a prime example of what the band are capable of.

Drawing influence from religion and spiritual philosophies, the lyrics of the cut delve into the freedom that accompanies accepting knowing that we don’t “own our possessions”. A dynamic change spear-headed by an intense guitar solo from Georgia Maria lifts the track into a more positive and light direction, steering away from the melancholic roots whilst maintaining the veins of mindfulness and perception.

‘I'm Only A Guest In The House Of The Lord’ gives a delightful insight into the quartets potential and is described by frontman Dan as being “a rip-roaring rock extravaganza!

If their latest feat is anything to go by, 2022 is no doubt going to be an exciting year for Calebo.


Lana Williams


Image: ‘I'm Only A Guest In The House Of The Lord’ Official Single Cover

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