Friday, July 22, 2022

EDEN makes the past and present collide in his new single ‘Balling’

Releasing his new single ‘Balling’ only a week ago, the young and incredibly talented Irish musician EDEN (aka Johnathon Ng) has received huge amounts of praise and success. 

The twenty-six-year-old has released over seventy songs and six EPs as part of his former name The Eden Project and has started his own record label, MCMXCV

He has toured worldwide to join fans in singing along to his music; however, he cancelled his most recent tour partially due to COVID-19. 

As the second release of his new album, ‘Balling’ brings great promise to his future career. 

The song begins with some spoken words and very little music, allowing the song to build and reach a dramatic climax. The song’s beating heart is the desire and longing feeling one gets when remembering the past, people and places that will never be the same again. The singer himself describes loss as being at the very core of the song. 


The electro-acoustic guitar riffs give the song its sense of progression and a certain sadness that is key in EDEN’s works. The heartfelt lyrics “But no, our legacy sheets can bring me sweet dreams / How strange is it when ours is lost in them” brings the theme of loss to light. It also encourages listeners to bathe in the lyricism, and appreciate the present while they can. As the sound of the acoustic chords can be heard right from the beginning, its repetitive nature allows the song to have a sense of grounding, reminding listeners about the importance of the past and of revisiting moments and memories in order to grow as a person and learn from mistakes. 


As an entire song, ‘Balling’ is remarkable. The fluidity of the guitar riffs combined with the consistently profound passionate lyrics allows EDEN to once again showcase his impeccable talent and natural flair for music. Listeners eagerly await the imminent remainder of the album. 


Abby Price 


Image: ‘Balling’ Official Single Cover

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