Friday, July 01, 2022

Matt Jacques unveils the enchanting cut ‘Bandit Town’

Stockport-based ‘modern’ Troubadour, Matt Jacques pens narratives interweaved with lo-fi indie sounds whilst contemplating the simple things in life and everyday comings-and-goings. Inspired by sonic storytellers, hints of Kae Tempest and Alex Turner can be found veined throughout his soundscapes. 


Jacques’ first official single, ‘Bandit Town’, features licks of Bob-Dylan-infused guitars, whilst vocals stand akin to The Lathums’ in a feel-good cut rife with indie-pop influences. 


Written and based on a Mancunian estate ‘affectionately’ known as ‘Bandit Town’ the track unveils the dark underworld of the area, where break-ins and violence are rife, before Jacques saw everything in a new light after finding out he was going to be a father. With this new revelation, Jacques states that the song “pretty much wrote itself” and with that, the gypsy-jazz tune was born. 


Tackling themes found abundant in Reytons' discography, jangly instrumentation takes the limelight as Jacques’ intoxicating harmonies trill throughout creating a light and airy atmosphere. Coming in at just over the three-minute mark, Jacques packs a punch with his undeniable indie rock energy and carefully layered melodies. 


With drums lent by Henry Broadhead and produced by Jim Earl Grey, Bandit Town’ is a cleverly crafted masterpiece that promises an exciting career for Matt Jacques. 



Lana Williams 


Image: Emma Goulding

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