Friday, July 22, 2022

Jack Landess Gives Us A Soundtrack To Summer With ‘Mocean’

Self-proclaimed singer-songwriter-producer, Jack Landess, has set out to show everyone his impressive musicality with his 5-track EP solo project. Now, the second release, ‘Mocean’, is here to show us that he can do just that.

With the peak of British Summer in full swing, this is the perfect song to add to those dreamy summers day playlists. Sonically, it is lighthearted, gently uplifting, and calmly refreshing, not too dissimilar from the indie-pop tones of summer festival staple bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Circa Waves, as well as relative newcomer, Alfie Templeman.

Landess uses a combination of purposely crafted elements to achieve this classic summer sound; the airy soft vocals provide an instant hit of relaxation and, paired with the light playful guitar hooks, it’s easy to sit back and melt into the track's enticing pull. With additional heartfelt lyricism, “Please don't leave on my own / Out here alone / I don't wanna see you go” providing a deeper layer of sentimental value to the song, this only makes ‘Mocean’ more engaging.

An added layer of synthy production towards the song’s middle eight and outro does a superb job of switching up the listener’s expectations of the track right when they might feel too comfortable. Not only does this complementary contrast between the synth section and instrumental really aid in transporting the listener to another setting, allowing a welcomed moment of escapism, it also does a brilliant job at showcasing Landess’ skills in production as well as songwriting - just as he set out to prove. 

With the release of his previous track ‘Sun’s Out’, and now ‘Mocean’, Landess has set himself up well for the release of the EP landing at the end of July. With a great amount of expectation behind him, listeners are sure to be in for a treat to hear the remaining three unreleased tracks and the full body of work in its entirety.

Rachel Feehan
@rachiefee @rachel_feehan
Image: 'Mocean' Official Single Cover

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