Thursday, June 30, 2022

Rachael Dadd shares dreamy new single ‘Moon Sails’

Rachael Dadd is an English folk and lo-fi multi-instrumentalist based in Bristol. Having played a variety of festivals in her time, she has just released a new song ‘Moon Sails’ This is the first release from future album ‘Kaleidoscope’ due to come out by 14th October this year. 

Moon Sails’ is a gentle mix of soft guitar and blissful bass notes, cultivating a smooth, effortless track. Rachael plays with free-form in a creative, wild, and free-spirited way that leaves it carrying a magic-like quality through its melodies and gentle folk-like sounds.  


Her new single submerges those who listen into a world away from the loud noise of outside and into a more secluded soundscape and the world of soft beats, delightful melodies, and divine lyrics. Having created the future album during lockdown, she sought an escape, like most artists through song-writing and it’s clear to see her music creates a soundscape of space for one to stop, breathe and be more in the present moment.  

The boundless sense of escapism that Rachael Dadd creates through her vintage synth sounds, experimental folk, and soft vocals. The vibrant sound from this new track gives energy and vitality to anyone who listens. 

Ciara Fearn

  Image: ‘Moon Sails’ Official Single Cover

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