Wednesday, July 20, 2022

With her second stunning single of 2022, Jesca Hoop builds anticipation for her upcoming album

A month after the release of ‘Hatred Has a Mother’, the captivating first taster of Jesca Hoop’s forthcoming sixth studio album ‘Order of Romance’, the Manchester-based American singer-songwriter drops another delightfully idiosyncratic single. 

Much like its aforementioned predecessor, ‘Sioux Falls’ is a spindly and whimsical piece of indie folk, with its skeletal melody and skittish tempo changes setting a distinct mood for the coming record, due to be out in September.

Hoop’s vocals come in first, telling of a flight over the South Dakota city of Sioux Falls, from which she can see a group of people below spinning wildly in a circle. A certain naïve tone to her voice creates a sense of childlike wonder as she marvels at the puzzling scene: “It is women and men / Dozens of them and their children / Spinning like thread around a spool / Circling round like a whirlpool.”

Reaching its chorus, the song suddenly slows and floods with warmth, as ethereal backing vocals and a glorious brass section usher in an almost spiritual rush of harmony. Unlike the triumphant fanfare on ‘Hatred Has a Mother’, the horns on ‘Sioux Falls’ are suppler and softer, playfully dancing around Hoop’s hushed chanting during the outro. 

Endearing, characterful and effortlessly graceful, ‘Sioux Falls’ sees Jesca Hoop subtly push the boat out while remaining true to her singular style. It’s a balance that is sure to satisfy fans and enchant new listeners alike. 

Zoë White


Image: ‘Order of Romance’ Official Album Cover

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