Sunday, June 19, 2022

Rex Orange County is controlled by his heart in new video for ‘ONE IN A MILLION’

Rex Orange County has released an official video for ‘ONE IN A MILLION’ and fans are falling head over heels for it. The track comes from Rex Orange County’s (real name Alex O’Connor) most recent album ‘WHO CARES?’ which was released in March this year. 

Starring O’Connor himself and a larger-than-life ‘heart’ character, the video pulls out key themes from the track and perfectly emphasises the emotions embedded in the lyrics.

Throughout the video, O’Connor attempts to work through normal daily tasks like eating cereal, brushing his teeth, and watching television. In all of these moments, the huge heart character appears and flips things upside down - making a complete mess of the cereal, emptying out the entire tube of toothpaste, and pushing over the television. 

Early in the video, we see O’Connor declare his love but potentially not completely understand it. He walks away from his heart, frowning as he sings “I’ve fallen for you / I’m dazed and confused / It’s crazy what you mean to me”. As the video progresses, he seems to accept his new, chaotic roommate is something he can’t control as his heart continues to do its own thing.

O’Connor literally couldn’t make the message of this song any clearer; in the chorus he sings, “my heart keeps driving me crazy / there’s nothing much I can do” as his heart does exactly that, drives him crazy and takes complete control of his life. This becomes even more relatable as Rex Orange County is seen trying to sleep and his heart insists on playing the drums at 5am. He goes on to sing “baby I’ve been up all night / I won’t sleep and I’m not tired.” 

The video comes to a seamless finish, ending in the exact place it started to create a perfect loop. Here, it seems as though O’Connor is highlighting how he’s so desperately in love that everyday goes the same: with his heart driving him crazy because this person truly is one in a million.  

Robyn Hill


Image: ‘ONE IN A MILLION’ Official Music Video Thumbnail (YouTube)

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