Saturday, June 18, 2022

Lizzo strikes again with her latest female-empowered single ‘Grrrls’

Melissa Vivian Jefferson, more commonly known as Lizzo, has returned to the music scene with yet another single, bursting at the seams with girl power. If there is one thing Lizzo knows how to do, it's providing a dance anthem that empowers and uplifts women everywhere. 

Born in Detroit, the three-time Grammy award winner had a musical background right from her youth, being classically trained to play the flute by the age of ten. 

The singer/rapper lived out of her car at the age of twenty-one before landing on her feet into the music industry and getting her big break. Since then, she has released hits such as ‘Truth Hurts’, ‘Good as Hell’ and countless others that have become viral sensations, with many being used relentlessly on the app TikTok. 


Grrrls’ combines both rap and strong vocals, in true Lizzo style, against the backdrop of a playful, energetic beat. The track emanates strong feminine energy and is clearly an ode to female friendship which can be seen in the lyrics “That’s my girl, we co-dependent”. Lizzo perfectly captures the sense of sisterhood amongst best friends as she delves into the narrative that girls will always have each other’s backs. 


The single contains strong backing vocals throughout and also ends with a harmony between Lizzo and her background singers. This furthers that sense of girl power as you can feel the presence of all the women uniting in the song and this intensifies that feminine energy that the song radiates. 


This uplifting summer track is the perfect best friend anthem that all girls are going to want to scream at the top of their voices. Lizzo deserves a round of applause for once again delivering a track that exudes divine feminine energy and perfectly captures female solidarity. 


Aneesha Kalia


Image: 'Grrrls' Official Single Cover

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