Sunday, June 19, 2022

Kae Tempest Bring Their Roots To The Surface With 'Don't You Ever'

Kae Tempest, who hails from south-east London has been busy with the recent release of their latest single ‘Don’t You Ever’. It is undoubtedly going to have a great deal of resonance with their audience as well as influence on artists on the same music scene. 

Tempest started performing at local events in and around their hometown when they were a teenager and has witnessed a steady rise in popularity with energetic performances and recent recordings. 

The song starts with a guitar hook before the beat and vocals enter for the first verse. The chorus sees a slight increase in dynamics where the refrain ‘’Don’t you ever / No don’t you ever need me’’ is heard throughout and it remains this way until the track grinds to a halt.  

The great thing about this music is its sincerity and its ability to cut beneath the surface. It transcends musical boundaries and manages to reach people who may not necessarily be too familiar with this genre. The lyrics speak to a wide-ranging audience, and it was released at a time that people have had a to go their own way and stand up to for themselves in different situations. Tempest's ability to bring the past to the present with this music and make it relevant to today’s events is perhaps the most impressive element of the song.  

Kae Tempest will deservedly receive many appraisals for this latest release, and it is a track well-worth downloading to diversify the summer playlist. 

Antony Bailey  


Image: Official 'Don't You Ever' Single Cover

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