Thursday, June 30, 2022

Silla Dream Talks Post Relationship Apathy on New Single ‘I Wanna Go Dormant’

Danish singer song-writer Markus Hodal Drag, better known as Silla Dream, takes an incredibly unique approach to writing indie pop/ rock.

Drawing on the musical cloth of post-punk, fourth and fifth-wave emo, and dream pop, Silla Dream creates these vast sonic scapes with unusual melodic phrases that are both eerie and infectious. 

Silla Dream released his first single towards the end of 2019 titled, 'Shy Machine' , an upbeat yet slightly off-kilter dark, indie-pop track that saw him introducing us to a pretty interesting musical set of influences.

This was followed by his debut EP 'The Silent Treatment' in 2020 where he would refine said sound into something darker while still marinating the initial sense of drive and the upbeat nature of his songwriting style.

His new single, 'I Wanna Go Dormant' follows a similar artistic lineage or reinterpretation and refinement.  

The track begins with a bright and angular guitar riff that ping-pongs throughout the verse before narrowing out in the chorus. Accompanying this main melody are a wistful cacophony of shimmering and bouncing keys and synths overtop a fairly standard drum groove and driving bass riff. 

The opening verse spells out the intention of the song fairly directly with the line, "I'll try to be completely honest with you so let's see" the rest of the lyrics go on to paint the picture of a budding relationship plagued with missed bids for connections or the use of intimacy in the place of more direct forms of communication. All of these, however, are written in a more abstract way compared to the first line; most thorough statements of you are or we are all coalescing in the conclusion that these experiences have left both involved feelings dormant on the inside. As the song progresses we get more percussive instruments like a shaker before it ends. 

If you're a fan of bands like From Indian Lakes, Cocteau Twins, and Beach House, this single will be right up your alley.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'I Wanna Go Dormant' Official Single Cover

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