Thursday, June 16, 2022

Look Who’s Being Tenacious: Tenacious D Release 20-Year Tommy Project supporting Gun Control Charity

A crossover with Tenacious D and The Who is not something most people had on their 2022 bingo card, but in a surprising turn of events it seems the duo have finally perfected their 20-year project. 

On the 8th of June, Tenacious D released their single ‘Tenacious D’s The Who Medley’, and followed this up the next day with a music video just as zany and obscure as we would expect from Jack Black and Kyle Gass. 

The single covers three songs from The Who’s 1969 album ‘Tommy’, ‘Pinball Wizard’, ‘There’s a Doctor I’ve Found’ and 'Go to the Mirror’. However, each song has a Tenacious D twist - which includes the addition of multiple sporadic “motherf*ckers”, and heavier guitar riffs than heard in the classic rock group’s original recordings. 

The medley itself is perfectly put together; the transitions between the three songs are clean and seamless. Although this could be due to the place on the original album, as all three of these songs lead into each other on the tracklist. 

The song itself sounds like it could be a Tenacious D original, and you would be completely forgiven for believing so if you had never heard the original versions. The harmonies between Gass and Black work as well together as they always have since the early 2000s. 

The music video itself is filled with wacky costumes and beautiful tributes to the original ‘Tommy’ movie. As Black wears something similar to Elton John’s character of the Pinball Wizard (down to the bizarre 4 foot 6.5 inches tall Doc Martens seen in the film). He then appears much later in a gorgeous white gown and jewels - and of course he looks amazing in it. With Kyle playing the role of Tommy, this is an amazing tribute to the film and the music of The Who as a whole. 

In addition to this medley and video, all proceeds made from this single’s vinyl sales will go to ‘Every town for Gun Safety’ following last month’s school shooting in Texas which was the 27th school shooting in 2022.

Pre-orders are available on their website.

Milly Mountford
Image: ‘Tenacious D’s The Who Medley’ Official Single Cover

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