Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Pale Waves Has Found ‘Reasons To Live’

Manchester indie rock band, Pale Waves are joining the emo-punk revival of 2022 with their new single ‘Reasons To Live’.

The group formed back in 2014 after meeting at university and it wasn’t long before they found success. After signing a record deal with Dirty Hit in 2017, the band released their debut single, ‘There's a Honey’, followed by ‘Television Romance’, which were widely successful amongst the post-Tumblr-kid crowd. 

The group are preparing for their third album, ‘Unwanted’ to be released this summer by going on the road with 5 Seconds of Summer and with their new single. The track picks up on ‘90s influences while giving it a slice of early 2000s pop-gloss, similar to an early Garbage vibe. 

The band are transitioning from a synth, dream pop vibe to the new pop-punk era with this bold and unapologetic song. Lead singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie digs deep, focussing on her darkest hour, and the person who pulled her out of it. Drummer Ciara Doran stands out on the track with a dum beat that feels like the whole song was created around it.

It’s easy to hear an Alanis Morissette or Avril Lavigne influence, but a bit more polished but still heavy ‘00s pop-punk influences. Maybe the y2k era is really back, and it fits Pale Waves like a glove, listeners will be excited to hear more from their new album.

Hope Orr


Image: ‘Reasons to Live’ Official Single Cover

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