Thursday, June 16, 2022

Pixies light up the sky with new track ‘There’s A Moon On’

With a career spanning the last 35 years, Pixies have continued to prove their relevance and solidified their place as a household name within the alt-rock community. 

Ahead of the release of their upcoming album ‘Doggerel’, the group have released the record’s second single ‘There’s A Moon On’ which gives a glimpse into the new body of work we can expect from them.

It opens with a guitar solo that is expertly weaved in with other elements of the production, allowing for the neighbouring lull to build tension as it gets started. 

The rest of the runtime is a hectic amalgamation of focused guitar riffs intertwined masterfully by the industry veterans, proving once again they haven’t lost their edge. A key moment within the track is an improvised guitar, injecting the song with an air of spontaneity. The placement of the ad-lib is reminiscent of a live performance where song outlines are replaced with experimentation and spectacle. With a long list of live dates and festivals this summer, it’s clear to see that the song will shine.

The repetitive and hypnotic use of the title lyrics have a building quality that helps lay the groundwork for the album ahead. It is a droning and intense showing from the group. Whilst the lyrics have an ambiguous quality to them “No, I don't like to spit and I don't like to fight / don’t want to be alone on a full moon night”, it works in conjunction with its elements of punk performances. These two paired together keeps the alt-rock base from sounding stale.

Pixies show that their heavy-hitting status is still present within their music. It’s gritty and determined; it has a purpose but keeps you guessing – a perfect track to pique the interest of listeners ahead of their new album.


Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘There’s A Moon On’ Official Single Cover

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