Saturday, June 18, 2022

Warahenege release the utterly immersive debut EP ‘Velvet, Black, Ignite’

If bedroom pop sounds intertwined with lush indie sentiments gets your blood pumping then you’ve come to the right place. The solo project of Manchester-based Praveen SomarathneWarahenege takes pride in boasting influences from the likes of Bon IverBig Thief and Elliot Smith

With a pocketful of singles in their back catalogue dating back to 2020’s ‘Cosmic Mess’, Warahenege unveil their debut EP ‘Velvet, Black, Ignite’.

Mixed and mastered by Ben Etter, the four-track long project focuses on an amalgamation of emotions: from the highs of love to the lows of loss, right back around to the sadness and joy that can accompany human connection. The ebb and flow of elation are perfectly translated through a shoegaze spectrum of glistening instrumentation and delicately crafted lyrics.

Talking about the EP, Somaranthe notes that it is “Inspired by the nights of restless ennui and quiet introspection; when all the decisions you've made are overanalysed and the past seems warmer and more welcoming than an uncertain future”.

The opening number, the delectable ‘Strange New Crowd’, was the last single to be plucked off the EP and released of its own accord. Featuring a murky atmosphere shrouded in delicate bedroom-pop sounds, ‘Strange New Crowd’ welcomes the listener into the psychedelic-pop world of Warahenege. The warm embrace of lush vocal intonations and hushed tones demonstrate Somaranthe’s undeniable ability to pen a smooth indie cut and provides the perfect entrance into Warahenege's genius.

The second track on the EP, ‘Skyscrapers and Oceans’ is packed with vulnerability and intimacy as the tumultuous nature of a relationship is divulged through the narrative of a difficult conversation as perceived by melancholy lyricism. “You tell me nothing's wrong / I'll make no promise I believe it” Somaranthe croons as he pushes through the pain of "Fumbling attempts" to reignite a love lost as he declares in acceptance, “This thing we thought we'd found / It never felt like love”.

Where the previous track dabbled in the melancholy, ‘Black Smoke, Autumn Breeze’ enters with more upbeat, swirling harmonies that offer a memorably sultry soundscape filled with insistent percussive beats and intermittent electronic effects. Smoothly transitioning into the title track, swooning vocals take centre stage dripped in serenity in the contemplative last offering from the DIY artist.

Waraheneege’s debut EP offers a dreamlike stroll through the delicacies of bedroom pop and the intimacy of DIY indie cuts. Sitting in the same vein as the likes of artists Peach Pit and Tame Impala‘Velvet, Black, Ignite’ is set to propel the solo-project Warahenege into the limelight.

Lana Williams


Image: Promo image provided by artist

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