Monday, June 27, 2022

Issac Neilson unveils the dreamy world of ‘Deep As A River’


Multi-faceted DIY artist Issac Neilson has been making waves on the indie-rock scene since his debut single 'The Fall' was released earlier this year. Hailing from Buxton, the alternative artist was bought his first guitar at the tender age of eight and began playing on the local pub circuit not too long after.

Self-described as “All the gusto of a deranged axe murderer haplessly floundering to preserve the integrity of a ming vase on a ski slalom, in a rock 'n' roll shaped package”. 

The beginning of 2022 saw an exciting turn for Neilson as he found himself being featured on the likes of Radio 4’s Loose Ends, BBC Merseyside, and BBC Manchester.  

Nielson moved into the world of original cuts due to a longing to veer away from the static nature of performing cover songs:

 "At 22, I don't want to play somewhere every night to get paid, I want it to build to something more. And so delusions of grander visions have led me to the pursuits of being an original artist...".

Boasting influences from the likes of veteran rockers The Libertines, to rapper Mac Miller and Canadian lo-fi artist Mac DeMarco, Nielson's genre-spanning taste is present throughout his discography.

Despite only having a handful of monthly Spotify listeners, Neilson’s reputation for producing cutting-edge indie soundscapes precedes him. 

His latest foray into the rock genre, ‘Deep As A River’ takes its stead as his third single, following on from ‘On The Rails’ and ‘The Fall’.

Maintaining the indie-rock vibes found veined throughout his previous releases, ‘Deep As A River’ pulsates with shimmering guitar lines topped with insatiable vocals that paint the narrative of exploring love loss, and growth. Lamenting on the relationship shift from romanticism to distance-induced conflict, Neilson’s poetic lyricism emanates pain through lines such as “Love runs as deep as the scar it leaves behind”.

Using carefully constructed metaphors to translate emotion into delicate idioms (“Treading water is no place to be paralysed”), Neilson unveils his natural flair for penning progressive rock arrangements.

If this initial trio of releases is anything to go by, Issac Neilson has a promising career ahead of him.

Lana Williams


Image: ‘Deep As A River’ Official Single Cover

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